Café al Vent in Sidi Kaouki, opened in 2009.

It is a little and cozy restaurant in front of the beach. The music reflects our idea about the gastronomy, where “slow food” and km 0 are basic concepts of the menu. All the dishes are prepared instantly. Soups, salads, tagines…You can see how we prepare them in our kitchen open to the customers.

Café al Vent believes in sustainable fisheries and all our fish and seafood come from the local fishermen. They work in a traditional way, with their nets and tires inside the ocean, performing a selective and environment-friendly fishing.

The meat comes from animals that graze freely like goats and camels. From this perspective we offer enjoy one of our specialties, paella. An international dish that came about our passion for the rice.

We have different options for your accommodation. Rooms with private bathroom, shared, whole house….